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#086: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM: an answer looking for a question

By Jordan Michaelides

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM ( @DoctorKarl ) is a doctor, author, entertainer, shirt aficionado and for a lot of people in Gen X to Z, the man who introduced them to the wonderful world of science. In his own words, Karl is an answer looking for a question and you can feel that immense desire to solve your science problems through his passion. In addition to all of the above, Karl has also been awarded the Member of the Order of Australia Award in the 2006 Australia Day Honours list.

It was surreal interviewing Karl, having grown up listening to him on Triple J as a young teen and into my early 20’s – his weekly podcast now a staple of my week. Karl is as affable in real life as he is through media. I could feel the passion that he displays in his work as we walked around the Sofitel talking about why certain rooms (and their angles) were his favourite.

The ability to understand the world around us increases with importance as technology becomes a greater element of our lives. Dr Karl is the pinnacle of what it means to be a communicator, or science entertainer as he puts it, to an ever interested public.

This is a brilliant chat that covered aspects of Karl’s life and experience including:

  • His father’s Holocaust experience
  • Rational thought & the evolutionary brain
  • Storytelling and computer/hacking crimes
  • The weirdest question he’s been asked
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick, sauna, validating what you know
  • Communicating science,  and entertainers he enjoys
  • What his first 100 days as Prime Minister would look like

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


01:46 – Introduction
04:43 – Melbourne, Sydney, and corruption
06:11 – Shirt collection
07:42 – Family history
10:20 – His father’s Holocaust experience, psychology
17:07 – Rational thought & the evolutionary brain
26:05 – Storytelling, computer hacking crimes
31:25 – Weirdest Dr Karl question, ear anatomy
38:33 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick, validating what you know
45:20 – Communicating science
47:19 – Entertainers he enjoys
50:05 – His first 100 days as Prime Minister
50:38 – His favourite imperfection of himself
51:36 – Morning & evening routines
52:07 – Best purchase under $200
52:34 – What’s obvious to him but not to others