#085: When art & storytelling meet augmented reality - Marco Ryan aka Marc-O-Matic

By Jordan Michaelides
September 25, 2018

Marcomatic 2

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Marco Ryan ( @marcomatic ) or Marc-O-Matic as he’s commonly known, is a multi-disciplinary artist, animator, director, storyteller and technologist. His unique work utilises both augmented and virtual reality to tell beautiful stories, that literally jump out from the page.

Storytelling is one of the oldest skills known to mankind, and probably one of the most important to our survival as a species. The fact that we can make things up, like the idea of a company or that dragons might exist, allows us to convey information or lessons that give life meaning.

Storytellers like Marco use these new forms of technology, continue the spellbinding experience of learning through stories and keeps the survival of our species going.

I strongly suggest you check out Marco’s work to get a true grasp of how it looks.

This is a fascinating discussion which covers:

  • The inspiration of his father’s workshop

  • His career progression and advice for newcomers to animation

  • The business model and how to use apps

  • Different forms of reality: AR, VR & MR

  • The future and brand of Marc-O-Matic

Enjoy the episode!


01:22 - Introduction

04:02 - What he does, his background

07:54 - His father’s workshop, inspiration

11:46 - Culturally diverse upbringing

17:57 - Drawing and how it became a career

21:55 - The first piece of art he sold

24:08 - His career progression

27:59 - Advice for newcomers to animation

32:51 - Self-employment

37:01 - His business model, apps, AR art

42:51 - Types of realities

47:36 - Schedule, daily routine, growing business

53:10 - His process from start to finish

56:48 - The future and brand of Marc-O-Matic

01:00:31 - The future uses of AR

01:07:13 - Penrose Studios

01:09:16 - The Junk Age

01:12:01 - Most influential book on him

01:13:08 - If he could have a billboard anywhere in Australia