#084: How to tell a story, with filmmaker Peter Dickson

By Jordan Michaelides
September 18, 2018

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Peter Dickson is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Dickson Films. With over 16 years experience, Peter is constantly sought-after to create long-lasting sports documentaries for organisations like the AFL, Cricket Australia and national broadcasters.

Peter has proven over a long period of time to be (in my opinion), one of Australia’s greatest storytellers. His compelling and emotionally gripping documentaries leave an immense impact, which in the words of Peter himself, “stand the test of time”. The fact that I, as a St Kilda FC supporter, have watched Peter’s film The Final Draw over 5 times, is a testament to the emotion and passion he can draw from a story.

This was a conversation that contained over 12 months of planning and one that I’ll look back on fondly. We covered a lot, including:

  • AFL teams he supports

  • Building trust as an interviewer

  • His brother’s impact on Peter’s life

  • Interviewing process, technique and style

  • Work schedule and preparations

  • Current and future film plans

  • Top 3 recommended documentaries


01:13 - Introduction

04:03 - AFL teams Peter supports

07:56 - Building trust as an interviewer

15:15 - Lessons learnt from his parents

18:17 - Settling the mind

20:27 - Remembering his brother, Rob Dickson

29:32 - Their interest & passion for film

35:36 - Interviewing process & technique

41:30 - Work schedule, doco film makers

46:19 - His film style

57:40 - What his current & future film plans are

59:40 - Preparations

01:02:21 - Daily routine

01:04:10 - A book he would gift

01:06:19 - Words to live by

01:07:06 - Top 3 recommended docos

01:08:56 - Film industry and festivals