#081: The mindful meatsmith of ethicurean farming - Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms

By Jordan Michaelides
August 28, 2018

Tammi 2

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Tammi Jonas ( @tammois ) is the co-founder of Jonai Farms, President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, an ethicurean farmer, and mindful meatsmith. Jonai Farms is a pastured fed farm which was the first in Australia to crowdfund development of its infrastructure and a leader in community-supported agriculture.

From a very young age, I idolised the idea of having my own place to produce homegrown food. When an old friend purchased a farm recently in Gippsland, my interest was piqued again.

Keeping the “pigness of the pig” is the first line in Tammi’s list of principles, inspired by one of my favourite farmers, Joel Salatin. The commonality amongst both Tammi and Joel is what we call Holistic Farm Management. A systems thinking approach to farming that minimises the effects on the local environment, ensures the “pigness of the pig” and provides healthy food or animals for us to eat. The bedrock that supports this is a distribution model called Community Supported Agriculture, a subscription-based form of distribution that caps the horrible downside that farmers can experience.

Many thanks to Jackson O’Malley for the recommendation to Tammi’s work.

  • Where her interest in hats comes from

  • Leaving America, perceptions of Australia

  • The farming and food production industry

  • Joel Salatin, regenerative farming and holistic management

  • Jonai Farms and Meatsmiths

  • Distribution methods including Community Supported Agriculture

  • Lifestyle changes from city to country girl

  • Advocacy and the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance


01:15 - Introduction

04:51 - Where her interest in hats comes from

06:12 - Leaving America and perceptions of Australia

09:14 - Polarisation, homelessness, Neoliberalism

14:09 - Her education path, earliest memory of food

15:40 - Lessons learnt from her parents

19:36 - What she wanted to be growing up, early career path

21:40 - Shifting towards food, her thesis

24:51 - Food and industrial livestock production

27:53 - Farming, moving to the country

30:38 - Joel Salatin, regenerative farming, holistic management

38:55 - Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths

47:09 - Distribution, Community Supported Agriculture

55:48 - What surprised her the most about farming

57:27 - How her life has changed

01:02:42 - Advocacy and principles

01:08:14 - Regulation

01:14:47 - AFSA prosecution cases

01:17:53 - Morning and evening rituals

01:19:27 - What she would do with $100 million

01:20:20 - Best purchase under $200

01:20:43 - 5 favourite non-musical sounds

01:21:22 - Most influential book

01:22:53 - If she could have a billboard anywhere in Australia