#078: How to train your mind with meditation - Manoj Dias

By Jordan Michaelides
August 08, 2018

Manoj 4

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Manoj Dias ( @manojdias_ ) is a meditation teacher, speaker and co-founder of A-Space, Australia’s first multidisciplinary meditation studio. He’s been featured across multiple sources of media including Channel 9, Postcards, Broadsheet, and Vice Media. Manoj has worked with high performing teams and individuals on a range of topics including brands you may know like Lululemon, Melbourne Storm, BHP, and Mercedes Benz. As a spiritual teacher, he’s learnt from many of the greats including Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield.

I’m definitely a Type A individual. Industrious and hard working to the point of neuroticism - which is not a healthy long term pursuit in this modern world. It’s teachers like Manoj, that show me the way to contentment is not necessarily self-management, but self-awareness. You may not be as manic as me, but I’m absolutely sure that there will be principles to learn and benefit from with an introduction to meditation.

I’ve since visited A-Space after interviewing Manoj. I would strongly recommend our listeners or visitors in Melbourne to go check it out for as little as $20 for a drop-in lesson.

We discussed a lot including:

  • His sneaker collection

  • Growing up in Sri Lanka and the culture shock of immigrating to Australia

  • Mindfulness and meditation for children

  • Yoga and his life-changing teacher

  • Exercise

  • Meditation and healing explained

  • Where beginners should start meditation

  • Anxiety, listening and understanding

  • Healing & burn-out

Enjoy the episode!


01:15 - Introduction

04:32 - Sneaker collection, spending habits

07:01 - Earliest childhood memory, spirituality

10:09 - Sri Lanka, immigrating to Australia, culture shock

14:34 - Mindfulness & meditation for children

19:05 - Lessons learnt from his parents

21:50 - Yoga and his life-changing teacher

27:28 - Exercise, mindset, hip injury

31:14 - Anxiety, listening and understanding

35:10 - Being better at understanding

38:01 - Meditation & secular mindfulness

45:48 - Healing

49:13 - Leading meditation, training beginners

57:39 - A-Space and workplace meditation

01:03:27 - Burn out and contemplating death

01:08:00 - On gurus

01:10:36 - What worries him

01:12:47 - Morning & evening rituals

01:14:10 - A book he’d gift someone

01:14:24 - What is difficult to find middle-ground on?

01:14:56 - If he could have a billboard anywhere in Australia

01:15:23 - Best purchase under $200