#070: When science is funny - Wade & Byrne from Sci-gasm Podcast

By Jordan Michaelides
June 13, 2018

Wade & Byrne 1

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Wade and Byrne ( @scigasmpodcast ) are the founders of the brand and podcast known as Sci-gasm, and two of Australia’s brightest young science communicators. If you like that skeptical combination of science and comedy, that brings an understanding of science to a scientific pleb like me, then I’m absolutely sure you’ll love the work of these two gentlemen.

I became enthralled with science as I went through an interesting stage of self improvement, driving to and from university listening to Dr Karl spin fascinating stories from boring peer reviewed papers. I matured with Neil Degrasse Tyson as he made me realise we’re really just cruising through space on a giant green, earth-shaped convertible. I became aware of my hunger for rationalism and the truth as I discovered the likes of Richard Feynman and Sam Harris in my most recent years of self discovery.

Scientific communication is the toughest form of storytelling and a noble task - you’re aiming for the truth while also making it palatable for the everyman. I have immense respect for what Wade and Byrne are able to do, and I think you should discover that to.

Key topics we covered:

  • Caffeine and cocaine

  • Their research backgrounds

  • When their interests in science began

  • Raising children, parental ‘moral panic’

  • How Wade and Byrne met

  • The name Sci-gasm and what it is to them

  • Science and comedy, podcasting

  • Genes, chromosomes and Scientific denialism

  • What they’ve learnt from the misinformed

  • Scientists they most respect

Enjoy the episode!


01:08 - Introduction

04:08 - Caffeine and cocaine

07:19 - Dairy, Lactose, Wine

14:52 - Their research backgrounds

23:25 - When their interests in science began

27:53 - Raising children & parental ‘moral panic’

34:05 - How Wade and Byrne met

37:38 - The name Sci-gasm, Carin Bondar

44:03 - When science meets comedy

46:25 - Social media vs podcasting

52:03 - Critical analysis, what Sci-gasm is

56:31 - Media, research and nutrition

01:02:32 - Genes, X & Y chromosomes

01:09:37 - Scientific denialism

01:22:06 - What they’ve learnt from the misinformed

01:24:05 - Scientists they most respect

01:24:52 - Favourite books and resources

01:28:12 - Best purchase under $200

01:29:42 - What’s obvious to them but not to others

01:29:52 - What is difficult to find middle-ground on?

01:30:54 - If they could have a billboard anywhere