#068: The Power of Blockchain - Jamie Skella

By Jordan Michaelides
May 29, 2018

Jamie 1

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Jamie Skella ( @JamieSkella ) is the Co-founder of Horizon State, Co-owner of eSports gaming bar GG EZ, and former board member of MiVote.

I’ve had the pleasure now of hosting a few Australian cryptocurrency chiefs, so us mere mortals can further understand the exceptional capacity of the blockchain technology. Many of you have asked me, “what else can blockchain do?”.

So I thought it was prudent to reach out to Jamie, a rare innovator actually building a tool with immediate utility. Horizon State is like the digital Electoral Commission, or more colloquially known as “The Decision Token”. Jamie and his team have truly built a mechanism and secure voting system for the 21st century. By doing so they have destined the admirable end of the old paper voting system that defines western canon in democracy, capitalism and law.

Topics we discussed include:

  • Early interest in tech and gaming

  • Competitive gaming industry and Australia

  • GG EZ eSports bar and how it started

  • Future of blockchain and eSports

  • Lessons learnt from his parents

  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

  • Horizon State: What it is, and it’s future

  • MiVote and the security of digital ballots

  • Crypto tokens, appreciation, and regulation

  • Naval Ravikant

Enjoy the episode! 


00:54 - Introduction

04:04 - Favourite games

06:43 - Innovation in the gaming industry

08:44 - Early interests in tech

14:49 - Competitive gaming

16:45 - Issues facing the industry

17:42 - GG EZ eSports bar

20:18 - The future of gaming and Twitch

23:27 - Respectable businesses in the field

25:00 - Skrilla, blockchain tech, and Ethereum

32:07 - Lessons learnt from his parents

33:52 - Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

45:52 - Horizon State and HST

52:22 - MiVote and the secure digital ballot

01:04:20 - Nahdlatul Ulama

01:06:21 - His partner’s role in Horizon State

01:09:48 - The future of Horizon State

01:11:45 - Naval Ravikant

01:12:46 - Worst advice in the blockchain space

01:15:03 - What isn’t changing in blockchain & eSports

01:16:42 - What he would do with $100 million

01:17:08 - What he would do a TED talk on

01:19:07 - Best purchase under $200

01:20:14 - What is difficult to find middle-ground on?


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