#065: How Antifa and ideology cabbages the mind - Shayne Hunter

By Jordan Michaelides
May 09, 2018

Shayne Hunter 1

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Shayne Hunter ( @ShayneHunter ) is a comedian and ex-leader of radical left wing group, Antifa in Australia.

He’s probably one of the most intelligent and intense comedians I’ve ever come across. He’s floated in and out of ideology over the last few years - initially a right wing libertarian, then an anarchist/leftist radical and now a steadfast libertarian pushing people to not fall into identify politics.

Shayne is socially aware and poignant in his analysis of society, a benefit to anyone wanting to learn more about group-think or ideology.

This is a brilliant lesson in how people can be sucked into cabbaging their minds about belief, ideology and cults. Most of my time was spent getting out of Shayne’s way, letting him explain the journey and ideology of the radical left - the group he believes is ideologically more dangerous than ISIS.

Key topics we covered:

  • Cognitive biases

  • The education system & conformity experiments

  • Conspiracies theories and ideologies

  • Procrastination

  • Antifa, his involvement, and gratitude

  • The radical-left ideologies

  • Critical theory and postmodernism

  • Normalising Neo-Marxism

  • Defining the radical left/right

  • The Outrage-Industrial Complex

  • Advice for ideologues

  • Jordan Peterson

Enjoy the episode! 

Show notes

00:57 - Introduction

03:52 - Earliest memories and performance

05:00 - Formative lessons learnt, cognitive biases

14:55 - Education system, conformity experiments

23:21 - Conspiracies theories and ideologies

30:52 - Procrastination

36:56 - Antifa, his involvement, and gratitude

47:44 - The radical-left ideologies

01:00:59 - Critical theory and postmodernism

01:05:41 - Normalising Neo-Marxism

01:10:49 - Defining the radical left/right

01:12:41 - The Outrage-Industrial Complex

01:20:59 - Advice for ideologues

01:23:43 - Jordan Peterson

01:27:29 - What action he’s planning on taking

01:30:15 - Morning routine

01:31:27 - Best purchase under $200

01:33:15 - Where he would put a billboard