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#058: Blood, Sweat and Paint: Making it as an Artist – Danielle Weber

By Jordan Michaelides

Danielle Weber ( @daniellesartworkofficial ) is an incredible Australian artist based here in Melbourne, Victoria. Her passion and love for painting is highlighted by her distinct portraits and sheer quality of work. Danielle’s work has extended to include original pieces for a number of high profile clients including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It was Melbourne I Love You Founder Chris Cincotta, that first introduced me to Danielle’s work, and I thank him for the exceptional suggestion. Danielle is one of the most hard working artists I’ve come across, and one that truly has talent. She’s the type of artist that helps me appreciate the art form, by focusing on the individual beauty in each piece of work – whether a mural or portrait. I’ve often struggled at art galleries, particularly when they have interpretive modern art that honestly makes me wonder why it’s there.

Danielle’s work is so innate and I think she opens up the door for many to appreciate this world.

This was a great chat, in a completely new area for me – where we covered:

  • Deadlifting and training
  • Early interests
  • Her mother’s encouragement
  • Preferred discipline and process
  • Conor McGregor & The Rock
  • Starting her business, work ethic, and anxiety
  • Her early drawings and influences
  • Ridiculous requests and difficult clients
  • Mistakes & myths of becoming an artist

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01:03 – Introduction
04:10 – Deadlifting and training
05:14 – Early interests
08:57 – Favourite dishes
10:40 – Lessons that have stayed with her
11:59 – Her mother’s encouragement
13:03 – Preferred discipline and process
16:06 – Layers, focus and flow
18:40 – Teaching art and her method
21:52 – Her favorite brands, materials
23:17 – Conor McGregor and The Rock
28:47 – Starting her business, work ethic, and anxiety
30:56 – What her schedule looks like
33:26 – Her early drawings and influences
36:37 – Personal development
40:03 – Her partner and relationships
42:51 – Virtual assistant and her future
47:00 – Is her work still a burden at times?
48:05 – Ridiculous requests and difficult clients
51:39 – David Choe
55:02 – Mistakes & myths of becoming an artist
56:45 – How she would teach people without experience
58:43 – Exercise routine and best purchase under $200
01:01:20 – What seems obvious to her but not to others
01:03:01 – If she could have a billboard anywhere