#052: The Semi-Regular Show with Michael Jayaranjan and Lauren Lopatko

By Jordan Michaelides
February 07, 2018

Ep 52 Blog Photo

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It’s been a year since our debut episode - so at Episode 52 we decided to do a year in review. This is our second try at what we are coining as the ‘Semi-Regular Show’. This format is more discussional and allows us to explore self-improvement topics, tools, gadgets, and recent events in the media.

It’s incredibly important as long form content creators that we take time to reflect and pause, at least a few times every year, all the while building the community on conversation. These Semi-Regular shows provide the best format for that.

This time we have two guests.

The first is Lauren Lopatko , who is Neuralle’s co-founder, the Uncommon Podcast producer, and additionally my fiancée.

Our second is Michael Jayaranjan ( @michaelcjay ), who is a good friend, wandering salesman and now perennial traveller. You may remember MJ from episode 5 & 33.

Enjoy the episode!

Show notes

02:03 - Introduction

06:01 - Introducing Lauren Lopatko

07:21 - Silent meditation and Vipassana

12:09 - Reflecting on the past year of the Uncommon podcast

16:25 - Personal favourite episodes

23:21 - Jordan and Michael (squared)

27:56 - Neuralle Media, advertising and the future

29:54 - Jordan and Lauren’s trip to Japan

32:16 - Chamath Palihapitiya and how social media affects society

39:39 - Apps, smart phones, and how social media is addictive

49:33 - Apple iPhones, products, and the future

55:04 - Decentralisation

01:01:42 - On Jordan’s gastro health

01:06:32 - Top questions to ask your GP

01:08:10 - Have you gone behind a bush?

01:09:48 - Excerpt: Chamath Palihapitiya on social media