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#045: Being a good journalist is harder than you think – Claire Connelly

By Jordan Michaelides

Claire Connelly is an award winning freelance journalist, Founder of Hello Humans, Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Inc and soon-to-be author.

To me, Claire underlines the importance of the Fourth Estate, and what their role in society is – to make you think. My recent discussion with Dr James Martin illuminated this more than any interview, with his example being the mainstream media’s treatment of drugs busts.

More often than not a large scale drug bust will be broadcast on the news, with Australian Federal Police in tactical gear (as if they’ve just come straight from the bust), and broad assumptions on market value dictated to the interviewing media. No one questions whether this is the best investment of drug policy dollars, or whether it indeed saves lives of the dependent users.

This example, underlines the importance of Claire’s exacting and critical analysis of the realities of our society. She’s an incredible writer, with a clear-headedness that allows her to identify her own biases as she works.

I have much respect for all she’s achieved, and all she will achieve in future. I strongly suggest that if you enjoy this discussion you go support her work through Patreon & Hello Humans.

Key talking points:

  • Being a good journalist
  • Deconstructing popular narratives of history
  • Commentary on the world today
  • Capitalism, inequality and democratic socialism
  • Advice to prospective journalism students

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  • 05:10 – Knowledge, wanting to be right & Claire’s Jewish background
  • 13:59 – Being a good journalist
  • 14:45 – Objectivity vs. opinion
  • 17:38 – Deconstructing popular narratives of history
  • 19:40 – Politics, the internet & net neutrality
  • 26:35 – On the truths of war, Smedley Butler & Sapiens
  • 29:20 – Commentary on the world today
  • 34:46 – What is government for?
  • 40:34 – Decentralisation, centralisation, govt. & business
  • 51:09 – An ultimate form of government
  • 54:23 – Capitalism, inequality and democratic socialism
  • 01:04:43 – Self-sufficiency in media & Hello Humans
  • 01:15:30 – What is Renegade Inc?
  • 01:16:43 – Advice to prospective journalism students
  • 01:19:48 – Claire’s non-routine routine
  • 01:21:36 – Best purchase under $200
  • 01:22:19 – Most influential book to Claire
  • 01:23:54 – Which historical figure does she most identify with?
  • 01:25:34 – Podcasts Claire’s listening to
  • 01:26:42 – If she were to start with nothing – what would she do differently?