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#005: How to build the ‘Business of You’ with Michael Jayaranjan

By Jordan Michaelides

Michael Jayaranjan ( @michael_cjay ) is a good friend, who’s always had a nous and interest in improving his life. Michael’s a fascinating real-life example of a direct change from the fixed to growth mindset, that we constantly push at Neuralle. He’s had some huge changes recently, losing 20 kgs, ending a long-term relationship and moving his mindset from consumption to experience. This interview is definitely more conversational, and I hope this is enough to convince him to do it regularly. Thereby allowing us all to cover these performance & improvement topics & tools regularly.

We cover a wide-ranging array of topics including:

  • His recount of living in Sri Lanka and the civil war
  • The contrarian mindset
  • Why he migrated to Australia
  • Most formative experiences 
  • Self-improvement 
  • Motivation and goal-setting via Tony Robbins 

Listen to the episode


  • Bio and background {05:45}
  • His recount of living in Sri Lanka and the civil war {11:05}
  • The contrarian mindset {21:55}
  • In his interest of music and learning instruments {28:35}
  • On joining a band {34:35}
  • Why he migrated to Australia {38:55}
  • Further thoughts on favourite music, genres and artists {41:45}
  • Lessons learnt from his parents, directly or indirectly {47:25}
  • Most formative experiences and inflection points in his life {51:00}
  • General life principles {01:01:00}
  • Principles of economics/spending {01:07:50}
  • On ownership vs. flexible lifestyles – where time is equal to money {01:19:45}
  • On self-improvement in knowledge, health and performance {01:35:10}
  • Motivation and goal-setting via the help of Tony Robbins – {01:44:25}
  • Morning rituals {01:55:40}
  • Discussing our favourite podcasts {02:00:00}
  • A question he wished he has been asked by someone {02:06:00}
  • Best purchase made under $200 in the last 5 years {02:07:20}
  • Five favourite non-musical sounds {02:08:40}
  • An influential book he would gift someone {02:11:00}
  • Who’s love did he crave the most as a child? {02:13:40}
  • His go-to toolkit of apps, books etc {02:15:50}
  • Something he believes in, that others may not {02:19:25}
  • First person he thinks of when thinking of the word ‘success’ {02:22:30}
  • The most interesting question (and answer) heard recently {02:29:55}
  • The worst mistake he’s ever made {02:32:15}