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Lewis Spears - Stirring the pot with satire

Jordan Michaelides

Lewis Spears ( @lewspears ) is a Stand-up Comic, YouTuber, Co-Host of Luke & Lewis on Fox101.9, Host of Spearhead Sundays and an all-around internet shit stirrer.

If I was to pick just one comic from the bunch of up & coming internet comedians, Lewis would most typify that mischievous trickster, court jester style archetype. First known for his Facebeef escapades, Lewis has regularly proven the media is all too willing to publish first, and embarrassingly, fact check later. This contempt for authority that Lewis holds, has helped us all sit back and maybe think deeper about the information we’re often receiving, forcing you to take ownership of the sources you hold in high regard.

To me, he’s one of the hardest working personalities in the business, waking early, working like a beast, then doing it all over again - six days a week. His mateship with fellow comic Luke is clearly a major driver in both of their success. Whether it’s pushing each other to be better, or joining to create media brands like the Luke & Lewis show. This was really confirmed for me, when I saw his most recent piece of satire “What Firing A Comedian For Old Jokes Is Like”  .

This is a great discussion where we cover:

  • Warhammer & hobbies
  • How Lewis got into radio
  • The moment he realised he was funny
  • Why he never drank alcohol
  • Facebeef & Pranking the media
  • His comedic principles & process
  • Leaders & comics that inspire him

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


01:48 - Introduction
05:30 - Warhammer & hobbies
10:50 - Being an internet comedian
13:00 - Getting into radio
23:00 - The moment he realised he was funny
26:00 - Why he never drank alcohol
30:30 - Lessons learnt from his parents
35:17 - Facebeef
38:31 - Pranking the media
46:18 - Stirring teachers at school
49:50 - Comedic principles
53:11 - Leaders that inspire him
57:30 - Aussie rap
01:02:12 - His Franken-comedian
01:05:09 - His brand and business
01:12:57 - Growth and selling out shows
01:17:20 - Sausage dog mauling
01:20:50 - Process and research
01:24:48 - No drinking fun
01:27:24 - Best purchase under $200
01:30:40 - A book he’d gift for Xmas
01:36:13 - If he could have a billboard anywhere