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The Uncommon podcast show helps you build your knowledge, skills & mindset through interviews with unique individuals.  

We meet leaders from areas of society including Business, Political Culture, Health & Sport. Previous guests include Dr Karl (Triple J), Josh Szeps (WeThePeopleLIVE), Justin Dry (Vinomofo), Neel Kolhatkar (Comedy), Jeff Kennett (Former VIC Premier) & Holly Ransom (G20 Youth Chair).  

Inspired by the likes of Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss, we use long-form content to dig deep on each interview. 

We've enjoyed building this unique group of people. It's taken a lot of blood sweat and tears. 

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Thanks for tuning in,

Jordan & Lauren

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147: Hayden Pedersen - Every day is a new story

146: Polly "PJ" Harding of Jase & PJ

145: Joshua San aka The C Wolf

144: Tokidoki Traveller on how a street potato made her love Japan

143: James Cridland of Podnews

142: Susan Alberti AC, The Footy Lady

141: Radio Mike & Jack Post of Release the Sounds

140: Gemma Watts on the business of beauty at Glow Journal

139: Dominic Pym of Up & Ferocia

138: Dan Monheit of Hardhat

137: Alex McBride of The 5TH

136: Tully Smyth on being misunderstood

135: Luke and Lewis are back

134: Paul Roos on leadership, performance and footy

133: Behind Northborders & 7th Era

132: Chris Smith of BIG Esports

131: Suzi Jamil on opening minds with Think Inc

130: Steph Claire Smith on Keep It Cleaner, Self-Confidence and Branding

129: Genevieve Day on Representing Influencers at Day Management

128: Sam Wood on fitness, family and being relatable

127: Tommy McIntosh of Tommy Collins By Atlantic Group

126: Growing Stepmates TV with Mark Nicholson and Seb Peart

125: Zoe Demkiw of Bake Me Cake Me - Baking for love and money

124: Jonathan Hallinan of BPM - Building iconic design

123: Marty Fox - Behind The Deal at WHITEFOX

122: How the Shameless brand exploded, with Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews

121: William Summers - Freedom of Information

120: Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen of The Daily Talk Show

119: Prof Robin Batterham AO on Science & Truth

118: Laura Henshaw on growing the powerful brand Keep It Cleaner

117: Dalton Graham on why quality matters

116: Josh Wade & Sam Lindell of Verve Network

115: Daniel Kilov and The Art of Memory

114: Talking Shit with Neel Kolhatkar, Isaac Butterfield and Friendlyjordies

113: Oliver Kidd - Neobanking on the future with Archa

112: Courtney Carthy - Why podcasts have high potential

111: Gerry Sakkas, When Work is Play at PlaySide Studios

110: Nic Hodges - Breaking down disinformation in a world of noise

109: Tristan Rose - Changing how we think of Yoga for Veterans 

108: Greg Sanderson - How to mix the perfect bartender

107: Claire Tonti - Why you need to just make the thing

106: Dr Kyle Berean - Revolutionising research of the gut

105: Gail Pascoe - Delving into Donor Conception

104: Elliot Loney - Finding comedy through tennis

103: Stepmates - Making Australia Funny Again

102: Luke Kidgell - How to become a certified Memelord

101: Lewis Spears - Stirring the pot with satire

100: Oliver Phisher & Lauren Lopatko - A 2nd Year in Review

099: Garry Weaven - The "Godfather of Industry Super"

098: When tech and medicine combine - talking biotech & neuroscience with Dr Hon Weng Chong

097: Andrew Lauterstein - How talent and hard work make a three-time Olympic medallist

096: How Cognitive Biases affect media consumption - Dan Monheit

095: How to grow with The Little Veggie Patch Co - Mat Pember

094: Josh Szeps - How to make debate healthy again

093: Isaac Butterfield - Finding middle-ground with comedy

092: Reinventing trust with cryptocurrency - Rupert Hackett

091: How social enterprise changes lives - Mark Watt AM of Whitelion 

090: How Nintendo made chendo - Jack "chendo" Chen

089: Being The Booty Builder - Olivia Orchowski

088: Neel Kolhatkar - What the future holds

087: Philip Dalidakis MP - Political strategy and hand gestures

086: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM: an answer looking for a question

085: When art & storytelling meet augmented reality - Marco Ryan aka Marc-O-Matic

084: How to tell a story, with filmmaker Peter Dickson

083: How the rise of China affects Australia - Adam Ni

082: Why sex work is nothing like Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Lola Hunt

081: The mindful meatsmith of ethicurean farming - Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms

080: Holly Ransom - Born in perpetual motion

079: How a Girl Geek found her North Star - Sarah Moran

078: How to train your mind with meditation - Manoj Dias

077: Why marketing is the poetry of capitalism - Anthony "Decryption" Agius

076: How Eileen Ormsby unpacked the Darkest Web

075: Hustle, humility and heart - Dan Monheit of Hardhat

074: How to feed your mind - Anthony Ross

073: Mining for ideas - Bernard Wheelahan AM

072: How an institution invests in cryptocurrency - Henrik Andersson

071: Why all diseases begin in the gut - Dr Iggy Soosay

070: When science is funny - Wade & Byrne from Sci-gasm Podcast

069: Direct democracy made digital - Dion McCurdy

068: The Power of Blockchain - Jamie Skella

067: Josh Wade - Stop caring what people think

066: Young, fast and remote with Adam Stone

065: How Antifa and ideology cabbages the mind - Shayne Hunter

064: Nostalgic for the future with Nic Hodges

063: Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies) - The Importance of Being Rational

062: Dr Peter Brukner OAM - Turning the food pyramid upside-down

061: Shooting to the moon with new media - Kristofor Lawson

060: The Life Cykel of urban farming - Ryan Creed

059: Jeff Kennett AC - Beyond the politics

058: Blood, Sweat and Paint: Making it as an Artist - Danielle Weber

057: When Crypto & Psychiatry Meet - Dr Prash Puspanathan

056: Ed Husic MP: The good sport of politics

055: Changing the way we think of food - Geert Hendrix of Farmwall

054: Delving into digital drugs with Dr Monica Barratt

053: Learning & thinking like an entrepreneur - Michelle Bourke

052: The Semi-Regular Show with Michael Jayaranjan & Lauren Lopatko

051: The art of pole dancing - Lauren Pei-Lee

050: Creating an iconic fashion brand with Kim Michaelides

049: Building business and selling local with Michael Jankie

048: Tasting notes and inspirational quotes with Justin Dry of Vinomofo

047: Creating The Startup Playbook - Rohit Bhargava

046: Learning how to write with Oliver Phisher

045: Being a good journalist is harder than you think - Claire Connelly

044: Flying like a millionaire with The Points Whisperer - Steve Hui

043: Criminology: its not just Law & Order - Dr James Martin

042: Looking to the sky with VC Elaine Stead

041: Making hay with short stays - Seb Lindner

040: Josh Wade: Sometimes you have to do things, that you don’t want to do

039: Philip Dalidakis MP: Working hard is a public service 

038: Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies): Articulating through comedy is a craft

037: Getting personal with finance - Adrian Stone

036: Tom Ballard: Why political debate needs more comedians

035: How to get to better health with Jessica Curl

034: How facts ruin a good story - Phil Ruthven AM

033: The Semi-Regular Show: Self improving with Michael Jayaranjan

032: Becoming a better leader and team player - Justin Peckett

031: Serving up the Salt - Demography & Smashed Avocado - Bernard Salt AM

030: Growing a multi-million dollar business from nothing - Nathan Chan of Foundr

029: How to be a value investor; read, listen and be patient - Roger Montgomery

028: How to be a good sport in journalism  - Rohan Connolly

027: How to be funny; tell the truth - Neel Kolhatkar

026: It's only a game; how satire heals the pain - Titus O'Reily

025: How to build influence with the creator of #melbourneiloveyou - Chris Cincotta

024: Why pigeonholing political views is dangerous - Edward Bourke 

023: When coffee runs through your veins; a family institution - Paul Dimattina 

022: How to be a better writer; be a good listener - Rita Erlich

021: Looking into the future with Steve Sammartino

020: How to bioDefine your life - Paul Creasey

019: Creating stories with the Cool Wine Guy - Jordy Kay

018: Delving into tech, investments & Amazon with Matt Allen

017: How time plays a part in creativity & music - Chevy Long from Indian Summer

016: Breaking Good: How psychedelics can be used for psychotherapy - Dr Stephen Bright

015: Opening the lid on Bitcoin - Asher Tan

014: Why you should be persistent - Scott Handsaker

013: Why ethics & morality are important - Felicity Mashuro

012: How to create & inspire a business community - Nathan Sampimon

011: How the Man With A Van built a unique brand - Tim Bishop

010: How persistence & hard work equals a fulfilling life - Chris Michaelides

009: Playing with woodfire - Charlie Carrington

008: The art of versatility; become the "company bike" - Petros Dellidis

007: Why evolutionary principles improve your health - Anthony Ross

006: How to make the startup game palatable? Just add whisky - Ren Butler

005: How to build the Business of "You" - Michael Jayaranjan

004: A poetic balance - Tenda McFly

003: A life of humble hospitality - Angie Giannakodakis

002: Becoming the Not-So-Small-Time VC - Adrian Stone

001: The pursuit of improvement - Eugene Teo