#CreativityForGood with TikTok x Cannes Lion


Let’s make a difference together @onetreeplanted  💧🌱🙏 Link in bio #treetok #CreativityForGood #ad

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Let’s pay it forward to make a difference and help each other 🙏🏽 Support and donate to @redcrossau #CreativityForGood #ad

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TikTok engaged Neuralle’s creators, Jordy and Rustam, for a collaborative campaign with Cannes Lion — the #CreativityForGood Festival celebrating the spirit of Cannes Lion for a cause.

#CreativityForGood gave creators from around the world a platform to use their creativity for positive impact, where we can come together to amplify the important work of non-profit organisations.

The goal of this challenge was to showcase artistry, expressiveness and individuality much like Cannes Lion does each year, while allowing the TikTok community to participate and highlight their unique vision for giving back.

Participants were invited to produce a TikTok-style campaign or advertisement for one of the four partnering non-profits, or another cause they are passionate about, and post it on TikTok using the global hashtag #CreativityForGood.




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Giulia Mirabile

Jordy Wilson

Rustam Raziev

Jordan Michaelides

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