COVID-19 Strategy & Marketing. Simplified.

COVID-19 is everywhere, in our lives, within our media and conversations. Our strategists are here to help you make sense of the signal from the noise.

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Covid19 marketing

“There's nothing quite like seeing an agency that produces their own content.”

– Zhoe Low,
Marketing Manager of CoinJar
Zhoe low

“There's nothing quite like seeing an agency that produces their own content.”

– Zhoe Low,
Marketing Manager of CoinJar
Zhoe low
Why Strategy?

Work smart, not hard

Our show Uncommon has given us access to some of Australia’s greatest media & marketing minds. The key factor in all of their success, is working smart and not hard. Seeking outside opinion can help more than you imagine.


Unapologetically curious

The nature of our agency and podcast show has made us unapologetically curious. Providing a full-service solution allows us to hold your hand through the process. From analysis, to advice and execution we can assist you in every facet that’s required in your situation.


Practitioners of quality

We are our first customers, through the production of our show, Uncommon. We are the guinea pig for our clients, so we know what works best.

Covid19 marketing graph

Whichever your business is on this graph, it's likely you'll need help to manage an unprecedented and outright unique time in our lives.

This is the time to either Adapt, or Scale.

Where we can help

There are two situations right now, you’re either getting no ROI and need to pivot to adapt, or you’re overwhelmed with opportunity and need to grasp that opportunity right now through scale.

We can support in two areas:



You've realised what you're currently offering doesn't work with a pandemic. We can help you adapt to the crisis and change your product or service offering with a better marketing strategy.



You're ready to ride the wave and take advantage of the time people are spending at home, while your product or service is in a higher demand as ever. We can help you maximise this.

Dont bullet Don’t use fear to reach clients
Dont bullet Don't exploit the situation
Dont bullet Don't give up because it's hard
Do bullet Expect numbers to be down
Do bullet Do your best to be helpful to your audience
Do bullet Move funds to brand building exercises
Do bullet Do your best to support customers
Do bullet Provide valuable content

We're trusted by brands



Jordan Michaelides

Managing Director

Jordan holds a unique skillset in growth roles across finance & fintech businesses.
As the host of Uncommon, Jordan has developed an eye for asking the right question at the right time.

Jordan leads the team in product & strategy.


Lauren Lopatko

Creative Director

Lauren has vast experience as a creative at both Big 4 agencies & corporate creative teams.
As the producer of Uncommon, Lauren can identify the mechanics of what it takes to operate a modern brand.

Lauren leads the team in all elements of Creative & Production.

Uncommon artwork

We are practitioners
of attention.

Operating a media asset has provided us with a unique skillset as practitioners in the industry.

Our podcast is the perfect place for testing before we implement with you.

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