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Neuralle covers performance & enhancement topics that shape how people can maximise or improve their lives. Our mission is to empower our viewers and listeners and readers with information that is meaningful and that can be utilised. Topics that we look to cover include:

- Self improvement

- Business & Investing 

- Neuroscience & Psychology

- AI, Biotech & Cybernetics

- Health & Sports Medicine

What we're looking for

  • Passionate people who enjoy starting conversations that improve humans
  • Evergreen content creators. You can use what's out in the zeitgeist, but it needs to relate back to a core principle or area
  • Content distributors. If you have skills in splicing original content (such as audio or video) and making it native for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat, we'd love to speak
  • Video & audio content only. We're a voice and video first company that is focused on what our subscribers want
  • Written posts will be accepted if it's in the style of an Op-Ed for the New Yorker or other similar magazines. THIS IS VERY RARE
  • Utilisation of the key technical areas we focus on (Neuroscience, Biotech, Improvement)
  • Rich media. Our subscribers love information, make sure that you provide them with different areas of sub-groups to navigate to

Here are some examples of articles that we like to see: 

What you'll get 

  • Your work will be distributed across our audience network
  • Your own unique profile page on Neuralle
  • Backlinks to your website and social media: SEO gold directed right back to your site to build Search Credibility
  • Money (depending on quality of content)
  • The opportunity to build the improvement community together

The Process

  • Send us your pitch with your best two topic ideas to jordan(at)neuralle(dot)com. Include your name, email & social media profiles. Detail why you think you could be a long term contributor & a good fit, telling us about your research process.
  • We aim to respond in 1 week with next steps
  • Typically a contributor can have their content online within 2-4 weeks