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Zed Nasheet of ZED Real Estate

By Jordan Michaelides
Zed Nasheet of ZED Real Estate

Zed Nasheet is the Director of ZED Real Estate and the fastest selling real estate agent in the world.

At just 6 months of age, him and his family fled the Taliban in Afghanistan to Pakistan where he lived in harsh conditions before emigrating to Australia at the age of 12. Since then, Zed has worked tirelessly to where he is today, often working well into the night most days. Alongside his brothers, he has built ZED Real Estate where he sells some of the most luxurious houses in Australia.

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00:04 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:22 – Guest introduction
00:33 – Next Zlog when & lockdown
04:07 – Childhood: Pakistan & fleeing the Taliban
09:04 – Why call Australia home?
10:20 – Zed’s older brother & dad
13:36 – Founding ZED Real Estate & working with family
17:21 – Different generations: poverty vs spoiledness
19:57 – Golden principles from Zed’s early career
25:57 – Why other realtors fail & early years
35:42 – Why social content is key
37:55 – Zed’s self awareness 
41:36 – The future of ZED Real Estate
48:49 – Real estate industry: franchises are dead
50:11 – Zed’s ideal question
52:24 – Zed’s identity
53:32 – Network: Zed’s most important people
59:21 – Morning & evening routine
59:51 – Best purchase under $200
01:00:15 – Go-to fridge item