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Saxon Phipps and William Stubley of Year13

By Jordan Michaelides
Saxon Phipps and William Stubley, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Year13

Saxon Phipps and William Stubley are Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Year13, an organisation looking to improve the experience of highschool graduates transitioning to tertiary education and the workforce. 

Although Saxon and Will both had very different experiences during the transitional period between highschool and and tertiary education, both found the experience overwhelming, confusing, and were without the correct tools to aid their decision making in choosing what they wanted to do. However, a suicide of a mutal friend who was struggling the transition to teritay eductation would lead them to the idea of creating an organisation that would assist school leavers through the process.

From its humble beginnings as a blog and information portal, Year13 is now a hub for those leaving school: from job offerings, to education opportunities and resources, to even conducting their own studies on the attitudes, feelings, frictions, and hopes of those going through the highschool-to-tertiary transition.

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00:24 – Guest introduction
00:32 – How Will broke his foot in the Amazon
07:46 – Earliest childhood memories
11:19 – Meeting each other & why they started Year13
15:12 – The pressure on highschool graduates
26:33 – Why does negative scaling exist?
31:40 – Better systems: scaling
41:52 – What is Year13?
44:39 – Tim Ferris appreciation corner
46:08 – The Year13 recommended reading list
49:59 – Did the Greeks invent the doughnut
51:30 – The Year13 impact
01:00:30 – Understanding Gen Z
01:02:26 – Best purchase under $200
01:03:35 – Their ideal billboard


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Producer, Audio Engineering & Videography  – Jacob Smith