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Podcasts: which platform should you be on?

By Jordan Michaelides

Many clients ask us, what platforms do I need to be on?⁠

The resounding answer should be the no brainers – the major players – Apple, Spotify, Google, and if you record video too, YouTube. ⁠

But you should also ensure you’re on as many platforms as possible.⁠

We use to find out platforms are important to check off, just search “where to add your podcasts” in their search query.⁠

As an aside, it’s worth commenting on Joe Rogan’s $100m deal to move exclusively to Spotify. ⁠Is it the right move? Well, it depends on how you look at it. ⁠Monetisation is obviously important to keep your podcast going, and arguably this was a deal Joe couldn’t refuse.⁠

But it is also worth noting that you never want to rely solely on one platform for your survival, because you never know when it will all come crashing down.⁠