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Podcasting Equipment: Are you doing it wrong?

By Jordan Michaelides
Jordan TikTok Podcasting Equipment

One of the biggest hurdles for brands wanting to get into podcasting and one the most common questions I get as a veteran in the space is “What podcasting equipment should I get?” – a simple, yet a seemingly complex question.

To help streamline the establishment of your podcast, I’ve put together a list of equipment that ranges from entry level all the way up to the professional level.

  • Bare Bones/Super Simple: AirPods or Headphones with an inline mic ($100 – $200)
  • Regular: Ordinary USB mic ($200) e.g. Blue Yeti or Rode NT-USB Mini
  • Prosumer: Zoom H6 + XLR mic ($450) e.g. Rode M1 or Sure SM58
  • Semi-Pro: Zoom F8n + XLR mic ($800) e.g. Rode Procaster
  • Pro: Hire an agency ($200 ph)

“Brands consistently struggle with the simplest part of podcasting — recording.”

Jordan Michaelides
Managing Director, Neuralle

An important thing to remember is you will hear each of the dollars you spend on equipment, in the final product. If you’re okay with a cheaper sound, then choose the AirPods.

But if your brand represents quality, then you’ll want it to sound quality too. That’s where Neuralle comes in – contact us for a quote today.

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