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Matt Vs Japan of Refold

By Jordan Michaelides
Matt Vs Japan (Matt Bonder)

Matt is the creator of the Matt Vs Japan YouTube channel and Co-Founder of Refold, a company proclaiming true language fluency for those who follow it’s methods.

Matt managed to obtain fluency in Japanese while largely being in America. He achieved this through the use of tv, books, and an immersion approach called AJATT (All Japanese All the Time). Matt would end up making YouTube videos showcasing his ability and speaking about the method which he used to obtain fluency. 

Over the years, Matt has refined his stance on immersion language learning to be something more tenable for people with limited time and has also founded businesses including Refold which he did along side his co-founder Ethan.

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00:05 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:23 – Guest introduction
00:38 – All my homies hate Duolingo
01:54 – Childhood: memories & favourite things
05:43 – Childhood aspirations
06:26 – Parents’ jobs
07:54 – The appeal of AJATT and immersion learning 
15:10 – Language learning vs acquisition & the power of immersion
21:00 – How fast is language atrophy?
22:16 – Matt’s focus on language specialisation over polyglotism
25:58 – The usefulness of meditation
28:04 – ADHD: is it a functional illness?
32:03 – What is Japanese pitch accent?
35:31 – Matt’s motivation for YouTube
38:01 – Collaboration: the secret to growth on YouTube?
39:47 – MIA: first business, falling out & lessons
42:22 – Refold: how does it work & future product development\
47:52 – Advice for language burnout
52:00 – Morning & evening routine
52:35 – Best purchase under $200


Produced by Neuralle 

Host – Jordan Michaelides

Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko

Associate Producer & Videography  – Jacob Smith

Audio Engineering – Jason Barkhouse