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LinkedIn Selling 101: How NOT to pitch on LinkedIn

By Jordan Michaelides
Projector shining light

Working on Marketing within Australia, I’ve seen it all when it comes to LinkedIn Marketing, particularly with over 5,000+ direct connections on the platform, and a culture that does not suffer fools lightly.

LinkedIn is great, but…

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for B2B businesses that can give direct-marketing access to a prospect, but unfortunately, people have fallen into the trap of more equals more.

It just doesn’t work though. Less is always more on LinkedIn – because unlike a lot of social platforms it requires real relationships.

“LinkedIn…requires real relationships.”

Jordan Michaelides
Managing Director, Neuralle

What NOT to do in pitching:

  • Hit the person with a slab of text that looks like a template
  • Skip asking what their actual needs are
  • Consistently follow up without a reply from the pitchee (with bonus points for even more slabby text)
  • Provide no new insight to their business from your service angle
  • Forget to look at their profile for product-business fit

Instead of bulk pitching, target your focus on just a few prospects (10 people maximum) and really put in effort to understand their needs and their business, if LinkedIn is your go-to pitch tool.

Without this in mind, it’s a complete waste of your and the pitchee’s time.

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