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Instagram Reels: what’s the deal?

By Jordan Michaelides

Having been trialled in the likes of Brazil, France, Germany and India, it’s no coincidence that in light of the TikTok ban, Reels has suddenly launched in 50+ countries.⁠

Much like when Instagram debuted the stories feature (thanks Snapchat), there are features that users will expect to be mimicked from TikTok.⁠

One of these is most importantly the virality of TikTok’s algorithm. ⁠

TikTok’s ease of discovery of new talent is undoubtedly what makes it so popular in the first place.⁠

We’re all tired of seeing the same promoted influencers and big brands clogging our feeds – consumers want to see fresh new creators, and these fresh new creators want to be discovered. Lately, Instagram hasn’t been doing this well.⁠

So hopefully Reels (inspired by TikTok) can change this.⁠

Our opinion? This can only happen if it’s a true copy cat – Reels cannot live within Instagram, but rather brought to life in a brand new app. ⁠

Tic, toc… pressure’s on! ⏱️