How To Maximise Audience Reach & Distribution Like Neuralle

By Jordan Michaelides
June 28, 2018


This is a bonus episode for business owners, professionals, marketers and media practitioners interested as to how media businesses maximise reach. 

At Neuralle, we’ve built a pretty tight system that’s allowed us to publish podcasts for over a year and maximised our content reach by over 200X through regular spliced video & visual content across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

💡 Video is everything in the age of social media.

Platforms are optimised towards it, stifling your written & image based content. Furthermore, 80% of social media users skim towards video that has subtitles.

👉 Key topics include:

  • Where to start, strategy & planning

  • How video could fit into your wider business strategy

  • Maximising content that’s already produced

  • How to engage freelancers

  • Distribution

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