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Chris Brown X Adam Tahere

By Jordan Michaelides
Adam Tahere x Chris Brown

Talkbox giving a Warm Embrace to our ears

Our resident talk box virtuoso Adam Tahere and Neuralle Talent member has just scored a collab with the one and only Chris Brown on WE (Warm Embrace).

Story goes that Chris Brown and his producer were in the studio and were trying to wrap up a song, but something was missing. Chris’ producer remembered seeing one of Adam’s talkbox videos on TikTok and decided to get in touch. And the rest is history.

As you can imagine, we are so stoked for Adam, and if you’re interested in getting Adam to feature on one of your tracks, make sure to hit us up at [email protected] Also, while you’re here, you should have a squiz at the rest of the Neuralle Talent family.