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#165: Genevieve Day on managing talent during global turmoil

By Jordan Michaelides

Genevieve Day is the Founder of talent management agency Day Management, representing some of the top talent in the influencer & podcasting space.

We’ve had Gen on the show before in regular times, but we thought we’d touch base remotely to get her perspective on the recent events around Coronavirus and how it’s impacted her personally and professionally.

In this episode we covered:

  • A historical period
  • COVID-19 habits that will stick
  • Impact on sales
  • Post COVID-19 strategy

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode:


00:28 – Welcome to Uncommon
01:26 – Guest introduction
04:39 – A historical period
06:27 – COVID-19 habits that will stick
09:03 – Discovering COVID-19
14:05 – Impact on sales
18:38 – Changes to work in progress
23:38 – Highs and lows for influencers
27:00 – The new work environment
29:15 – Post COVID-19 strategy
35:50 – Morning & evening routine
36:32 – Netflix recommendations
37:34 – What’s in the fridge
38:52 – Best purchase under $200 



Host – Jordan Michaelides
Executive Producer – Lauren Lopatko
Assistant Producer – Andre Barber
Audio Engineering – Jason Barkhouse
Videography – Ricards Lacis