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#149: Travis Jones of RBT Gyms

By Jordan Michaelides

Travis Jones is the Founder of RBT Gyms, Attain Digital, Keystone among many other ventures.  

Some time ago, our past guest Olivia Orchowski gave me an intro to TJ, and spoke about how the intense drive and passion Travis has, that is something to be documented, so we had to get him on the show, naturally. 

In this episode we covered:

  • Hard work vs decompressing
  • Parenting styles & lessons learnt
  • Why discipline equals freedom
  • Tough periods
  • Working with his wife, Liv

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode:


00:27 – Introduction
02:20 – Starting small with his dog
06:40 – From Perth to Melbourne
08:30 – Hard work vs decompressing
13:20 – Parenting styles, lessons learnt
21:10 – Why discipline equals freedom
26:35 – The Why
39:00 – Tough periods
51:35 – Liv & Attain Digital
58:00 – Friday date nights
01:02:00 – What he’s excited about
01:05:40 – Daily routine
01:06:58 – Favourite meals
01:09:25 – If he could have a billboard anywhere