#142: Susan Alberti AC, The Footy Lady

By Jordan Michaelides
October 29, 2019

Sue Blog

Susan Alberti AC   is the former Managing Director of DANSU Group, Chairman of the Susan Alberti Research Foundation, former Vice President of the Western Bulldogs, former National President of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) - amongst an array of titles. 

The Football Lady has certainly had a long and storied life, rolling with the punches as they launched directly at her. 

Sue has three primary goals in life; create a Women’s Football League, have her beloved Bulldogs win a premiership, and find a cure for Diabetes. So far, she has two out of three - and I wouldn’t be betting against her on the third.

In this episode we covered:

  • Football club success

  • Her father & civic mindedness

  • Early years of DANSU Group

  • Building stoicism and fairness

  • Type 1 Diabetes and her daughter 

  • AFLW and “The Footy Lady”

  • How she wants to be remembered

Listen to the episode:

Watch on YouTube:


00:47 - Introduction

02:55 - Bulldogs season

04:23 - Football club success

07:04 - Proudest football moment

10:47 - Siena College, early studies

15:38 - Her father & civic mindedness

20:52 - Meeting Angelo & early life together

27:23 - What she learnt from Angelo

30:00 - Early years of DANSU Group

37:55 - Angelo’s accident & tenacity

42:48 - Bringing Angelo’s killer to justice

46:40 - Building stoicism & fairness

47:00 - Type 1 Diabetes & her daughter 

51:02 - Research and founding JDRF

01:05:55 - AFLW and “The Footy Lady”

01:16:45 - Being remembered

01:19:20 - Daily routine

01:20:33 - What’s in the fridge

01:22:15 - Best purchase under $200


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