#130: Steph Claire Smith on Keep It Cleaner, Self-Confidence and Branding

By Jordan Michaelides
August 06, 2019

Steph Getty

Steph Claire Smith , is the Co-Founder of powerful fitness and health brand Keep it Cleaner , as well as fashion brands Soda Shades and Midnight Co. Steph is also the Co-Host of the KIC Podcast, Co-Author of A Girl's Guide to Kicking Goals, face of Bondi Sands and ambassador for both BABY-G and Bras n Things.

I said in Laura’s episode that both Steph and Laura are like The Rock and Kevin Hart of young female inspiration in Australia. Steph is undoubtedly a Kingmaker and one of the most overlooked marketing talents in business. To create not just Keep It Cleaner, but forge two other brands is a monumental feat, and can only be done if you understand both markets and people.

Steph is an entrepreneur to keep track of over the next few years.

In this episode we covered:

  • Growing up sporty

  • Modelling & confidence

  • Meeting Laura Henshaw

  • Learning from KIC

  • Midnight Co & Soda Shades

  • Work ethic & responsibility


00:46 - Introduction

04:48 - True or False

09:37 - Growing up sporty

12:20 - Modelling & confidence

15:02 - Meeting Laura Henshaw

18:52 - Bizarre casting experiences

24:10 - Learning from KIC as a business

30:46 - Her brands, how it all started

33:33 - Keep It Clean to Keep It Cleaner

35:08 - The beginnings of Midnight Co

37:40 - The story behind Soda Shades

44:08 - Work ethic & responsibility

46:22 - Learning from Gerry, PlaySide Studios

50:48 - Self-confidence & taking compliments

55:00 - What she wish she’s asked in interviews

58:21 - What annoys her on social media

01:01:17 - Starting a family

01:03:50 - What’s in the fridge

01:06:38 - Daily routine

01:09:17 - Best purchase under $200

01:10:17 - If she could have a billboard anywhere