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Jonathan Hallinan of BPM – Building iconic design

By Jordan Michaelides

Jonathan Hallinan is the Founder and Managing Director of property construction and development group BPM Corp, and owner of a global suit venture, The Cloakroom. 

With a strong emphasis on artisanal and aspirational design, Jonathan makes a point in this interview that BPM is less about being high-end and more about being affordable while maintaining quality and luxury.

While Jonathan has created incredible success in the growth of BPM Corp, a really poignant part of this interview was our discussion about how his measure of success has changed. Life is less about the focus on financials, and more about the simpler things in life like human connection and life experience. 

This was a short but sweet interview, due to the nature of how busy Jonathan is – but indeed there are lessons here for everyone.

In this episode we covered:

  • Early career & inspiration
  • The importance of good design
  • Focusing on the downsizer
  • Shrinking BPM
  • Making great design accessible
  • Why detail and process matters, and
  • Measuring success

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


00:46 – Introduction
02:58 – Growing up
04:30 – Lessons learnt from his parents
06:26 – Early career & inspiration
09:44 – The importance of good design
12:08 – Focusing on the downsizer
15:45 – The state of the market
17:15 – Shrinking BPM
20:40 – Making great design accessible
23:18 – Base economics
24:00 – Day-to-day life
26:03 – The Cloakroom
27:13 – L.A.
28:45 – Holding
31:05 – Why detail and process matters
33:10 – Partnerships34:54 – Tough times & coaching
37:28 – Measuring success
41:07 – Costs of success
43:30 – Mentoring
45:03 – Downsides
45:55 – If he were to re-do his career
47:53 – Worst form of advice he’s received
48:44 – Exercise routine & meditation
49:51 – The power of vulnerability