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Laura Henshaw on growing the powerful brand, Keep It Cleaner

By Jordan Michaelides

Laura Henshaw is the Co-Founder of powerful fitness and health brand Keep it Cleaner.

Laura is also currently Podcast Co-Host of KIC POD , Co-Author of A Girl’s Guide to Kicking Goals , and on top of all of that, she’s studying a Law degree. She also so happens to be the fiancée to last week’s guest Dalton Graham .

What I like about Laura is her first principles approach to product development and how that has permeated into the Keep It Cleaner business.

What Laura and her Co-Founder Steph Smith have built is astonishing. In under 18 months, Keep It Cleaner has built an app, a grocery line stocked across the country and hired a team of up to 10+ staff. Even more astonishing, is the cult following they have garnered and continued to grow in what is now a health and fitness revolution.

These two “kingmakers” to me are like The Rock and Kevin Hart of young female inspiration in Australia. They’ve been overlooked by the tech and business industry, simply because they fit within the lifestyle and influence demographic. Watch out for what Laura gets up to in the next few years, I’m sure it will be huge.

In this episode we covered:

  • Growing up and life as a teen
  • Meeting and admiring Steph Smith
  • Building her audience
  • Keep It Cleaner the business

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode: 


00:47 – Introduction
03:24 – True or False
07:00 – Growing up
14:05 – Life as a teen
24:00 – Her modelling history
30:10 – Meeting and admiring Steph Smith
36:50 – Dealing with stress & anxiety
40:20 – Building her audience
44:05 – What followers want
48:05 – Starting KIC with an e-book
53:40 – KIC’s a-ha moment
55:50 – How KIC works
57:55 – Keep it Cleaner Grocery
01:00:10 – Plans for the KIC App
01:05:00 – Self-improvement mindset
01:09:18 – Plans for overseas
01:11:45 – If Laura & Steph had to leave KIC
01:13:30 – Weekly schedule, her Law degree
01:19:23 – Working with Gerry Sakkas
01:21:48 – Daily routine
01:22:28 – Best purchase under $200
01:22:46 – A book she’d gift
01:23:35 – If she could have a billboard anywhere