#117: Dalton Graham on why quality matters

By Jordan Michaelides
May 07, 2019

Dalton Blogpost2

Dalton Graham is the Co-Founder of media agency Bullfrog Media, lifestyle brand The Tailored Man and fiancé to Keep It Cleaner’s, Laura Henshaw. 

What I like about Dalton is his penchant for identifying quality in product, unlike the trend of obsessing over high fashion labels. His creation of a men’s social-first lifestyle brand showcases an analytical media mind for building an audience, which is something he’s applied in his second business Bullfrog Media.

This was a fantastic discussion with one of Australia’s most influential men in fashion and advertising, that was so deep that we ended up going on for another hour post-interview.

We touched on many topics including:

  • Quality menswear brands

  • The Tailored Man

  • The Death of the Suit

  • Why it’s harder to say no

  • Starting Bullfrog Media

  • Dealing with internet trolls & switching off

  • Learning from Laura & Steph of Keep It Cleaner

Enjoy the episode!

🎧 Listen here or watch now:


01:00 - Introduction

02:54 - True or False

05:42 - Lessons learnt from his parents

07:35 - Quality menswear brands

13:10 - His Football journey

19:45 - Early days in retail

21:56 - The Tailored Man

29:32 - The Death of the Suit

33:56 - Working with the right brands

40:08 - It’s harder to say no than yes

49:36 - Starting Bullfrog Media

53:10 - Building relationships

55:00 - Dealing with internet trolls

01:01:38 - Trying to switch off

01:09:54 - Learning from Laura and Steph

01:24:25 - Daily routine

01:28:39 - A book he’d gift

01:31:00 - Best purchase under $200

THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)