#116: Josh Wade & Sam Lindell of Verve Network

By Jordan Michaelides
April 30, 2019

Josh Sam

Josh Wade and Sam Lindell are Directors of Verve Network, a diversified talent agency focused on pushing the boundaries of entertainment.

Most of the audience will know Josh from his work as a comedian, but not too many will know of his foray into the world of managing talent. In under two years, Verve has made a name for itself as a serious player in a stale industry.

This was a short but nonetheless interesting chat which covered:

  • How Josh and Sam met

  • How Verve started

  • Explaining what they do

  • Verve Pictures

  • Learning from Michael Ovitz and Scooter Braun

  • What the future looks like

Enjoy the episode!

🎧 Listen here or watch now:


01:00 - Introduction

02:55 - Being a morning person

07:00 - How Josh and Sam met

09:55 - How Verve started

21:45 - Explaining what they do

25:03 - Verve Pictures

27:50 - Changing perception

32:55 - Studios owning people

33:50 - Michael Jackson

36:04 - Learning from Michael Ovitz, Scooter Braun

46:27 - People they respect

51:04 - The Secret Sauce

53:06 - A book they’d gift

53:59 - What they’re most proud of

56:12 - Recommended films

THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)