#113: Oliver Kidd - Neobanking on the future with Archa

By Jordan Michaelides
April 10, 2019

Oliver Crop

Oliver Kidd (@OliverKidd) is the Founder & CEO of up-and-coming Australian neobank, Archa.

Archa, like a lot of new “challenger banks” are a new form of digital banking, aiming to disrupt the banking sector through better customer service and product development.

The introduction to neobanking is something I’ve wanted to cover for quite a long time, particularly after reading a new white paper on the state of banking globally. For years, we’ve had the slow delivery of FinTech services through tech unicorns like Stripe, Robinhood, TransferWise, Wealthfront, Raiz and Coinbase to just name a few.

The goal of a neobank is to bundle most of these individual services, including deposits, in an effort to disrupt the entrenched business model of the Big4 banks. The recent Royal Commission points to why this should be a priority for both consumers and regulators here in Australia.

This was a great episode where we covered:

  • A love of milkshakes

  • What are Neobanks?

  • Old banking vs new challengers

  • The importance of credit

  • Millennial mortgages

  • Why the UK is a Neobanking leader

Enjoy the episode!

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01:27 - Introduction

03:40 - A love of milkshakes

07:00 - Falling into Law, M&A

12:34 - Omni Market Tide

15:00 - What are Neobanks?

19:26 - ADI’s

21:17 - Old banking vs new challengers

28:49 - The importance of credit

33:17 - Millennial mortgages

37:20 - Archa launch

42:05 - Why the UK is a Neobanking leader

48:10 - Next steps and the future

50:05 - Open API banking data

56:44 - Single Customer View

58:40 - Daily routine

59:54 - Book recommendations

01:01:03 - If he could have a billboard anywhere


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