#108: Greg Sanderson - How to mix the perfect bartender

By Jordan Michaelides
March 05, 2019

Greg Option 2

Greg Sanderson (@GregSanderson) is a Cocktail Bartender, Co-Founder & National Operations Manager of the Speakeasy Group, and easily one of Australia’s most prominent bar operators.

The Speakeasy Group owns a range of stunning venues in Melbourne and Sydney including Eau de Vie, Mjøllner, Nick & Nora’s, and Boilermaker House.

Greg has indirectly had a major impact on so many people in the hospitality industry, from waiters to bartenders to chefs - we all respect the level he holds himself accountable to, making us want to be better.

I remember first meeting Greg at a Diageo training event way back in my hospitality days, and you could clearly see that he was a man that had an unbridled seriousness for creating amazing experiences. Whether it’s innovating through crowdfunding raises, or opening iconic institutions like Eau de Vie - Greg and his business partner Sven continue to excite us all.

A great episode, where we discussed:

  • The politics of Lemon, Lime & Bitters

  • Falling in love with Hospitality

  • Melbourne’s passion for cocktails

  • How to mix the perfect bartender

  • The Speakeasy Group & its venues

  • Managing stress in the industry

  • What hasn’t changed

  • Trends he’d like to see go away

Enjoy the episode!

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01:38 - Introduction

03:43 - The politics of Lemon, Lime & Bitters

05:59 - The Melbourne Bartender Exchange

08:00 - A focus on service

12:27 - Sources of inspiration

17:11 - Falling in love with Hospitality

21:49 - Living in Edinburgh

28:00 - Where bartender stars hail from

29:26 - Melbourne’s passion for cocktails

35:16 - How to mix the perfect bartender

36:47 - Mentor program

41:48 - The Speakeasy Group

47:46 - High margin vs high volume

56:10 - Nick & Nora’s and Mjølner

01:02:23 - Game of Thrones nights

01:08:11 - Managing stress

01:12:50 - What hasn’t changed

01:15:30 - A trend he’d like to see go away

01:17:51 - Morning routine

01:20:19 - Best purchase under $200

01:21:20 - If he could have a billboard anywhere in Australia


THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)