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#107: Claire Tonti – Why you need to just make the thing

By Jordan Michaelides

Claire Tonti (@clairetonti) is the CEO of Planet Broadcasting, Host of Just Make The Thing podcast, and sometimes known as Mrs Sunday Movies.

The Planet Broadcasting business was one of the first true bootstrapped podcast networks in Australia. Early on, Claire was able to scale out the work she was doing for her co-founders James and Nick (through Mr Sunday Movies & The Weekly Planet), by bringing on a stable of notable local podcasters such as Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen.

The inspiration from American brands like Earwolf is clear, and one of the reasons why I wanted to pick her brain. The Planet Broadcasting team are the locals we look up to, and in my opinion, the indie leaders in this game here in Australia.

A great episode covering many aspects of the business, including:

  • Being a wedding singer
  • How she met Mr Sunday Movies
  • Claire’s influential father
  • Deciding when to take the leap
  • Planet Broadcasting & its business model
  • Tips for starting a podcast

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


01:56 – Introduction
03:32 – Meeting media personalities
05:02 – Being a wedding singer
08:00 – How she met Mr Sunday Movies
10:46 – Lessons learnt from her parents
11:30 – Claire’s influential father
16:50 – Overthinking & self-talk
19:44 – From teaching to podcasting
27:33 – Deciding when to take the leap
31:00 – Trying times
36:29 – Tooth stories
40:12 – Planet Broadcasting
44:31 – The focus on a network
50:34 – Planet Broadcasting business model
53:12 – Day-to-day schedule
56:47 – Small giants
01:00:00 – Leaders she respects
01:03:47 – Tips for starting a podcast
01:09:48 – Morning & evening routines
01:13:40 – Best purchase under $200
01:14:36 – If she could have a billboard anywhere