#106: Dr Kyle Berean - Revolutionising research of the gut

By Jordan Michaelides
February 20, 2019

Kyle 2

Dr Kyle Berean (@KyleBerean) is the Chief Technology Officer of Atmo Biosciences, Research Fellow at RMIT University, and fellow IBS Sufferer.

Many of you - listeners and readers - may already know about my running IBS issues. A gut disorder that I’d like to put to bed for good. The constant anxiety, nausea and pain I’ve suffered from since my early twenties is still unresolved, simply down to the fact that doctors and researchers don’t truly understand what’s going on inside the mysterious gastrointestinal tract.

This revolutionary piece of science - in the form of an electronic pill - is so transformative that Kyle, his research colleagues at RMIT, and Atmo Biosciences, could potentially change my and many other lives forever (permitting they get through all the necessary regulatory hoops).

I thought it was my civic duty to get Kyle on the podcast, to make gut sufferers out there aware of the work that Kyle and the team at Atmo does, so we can continue to encourage this ground-breaking research in Australia.

This was an information-filled chat, where we covered:

  • IBS, Giardia and Gastro

  • Going from oil to audio to nanomaterials

  • Why the gut & breath tests are misunderstood

  • How the Atmos gut capsule will transform this area

  • Getting the regulator tick of approval

  • Atmo’s Direct to consumer approach

Enjoy the episode!

🎧 Listen here or watch now:


01:32 - Introduction

05:34 - IBS, Giardia and Gastro

06:52 - FMT

09:08 - From oil to audio to nanomaterials

13:14 - A misunderstood area

14:51 - How breath tests work   

18:39 - The Atmo gas capsule

23:00 - What he’s learnt from his research

29:27 - How the capsule works

33:13 - What’s next for the official launch

35:05 - Getting the tick of approval

36:50 - Direct to consumer approach

39:40 - Atmo’s fruition

42:20 - Working with RMIT

50:19 - Morning & evening routines

51:14 - Best purchase under $200

51:57 - A book he’d gift


THINGS MENTIONED (in order of episode)