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#100: Oliver Phisher & Lauren Lopatko – A 2nd Year in Review

By Jordan Michaelides

It’s been two years since our debut episode – so at Episode 100 we again decided to do a year in review. This is our second attempt, which is somewhat more casual, and allows us to reflect or pause on recent topics, key changes in the business and what the next year holds.

For me, it’s incredibly important as a long-form content creator that we take time to reflect each year, giving us a mini-break from the weekly publishing cycle. While also communicating about what’s happening behind the scenes.

We have two guests this week, with my trusty companion Lauren Lopatko joining once again. She is Neuralle Media’s Co-Founder, the Uncommon podcast producer, and additionally my fiancée. Our second guest is Oliver Phisher (@OPhisher),  our dear friend who is an author and previous guest in Episode 46.  

A lot has changed for us in the last 12 months, whether it’s new jobs, a new home, new clients or prospective podcast guests. Thank you for your continued support and listenership, when we hear from you directly it truly means a lot, knowing that behind that download number is a real person. The next year will have some exciting upgrades to how we produce content for you.

Jordan & Lauren

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01:17 – Introduction
04:45 – Recap of the year
07:01 – No podfade!
08:04 – Mickey aka Oliver Phisher
10:30 – Moving to Belfast
25:00 – Plans & goals for 2019
32:26 – Thoughts on the podcast so far
38:16 – Favourite episodes, suggestions
46:30 – Interviewing Jeff Kennett
49:00 – Voice acting, Stepmates
52:45 – Interviewing family members
54:50 – Growing Neuralle Media
01:00:47 – Product placement, sponsorships
01:08:01 – Improving productivity
01:16:30 – Polarisation of free speech
01:19:27 – Witch hunts and #metoo
01:26:15 – Digital identity and responsibility
01:30:46 – Excerpt: Niall Ferguson on polarisation