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#093: Isaac Butterfield – Finding middle-ground with comedy

By Jordan Michaelides

Isaac “The Buttsmarn” Butterfield ( @thebuttsmarn) is a Comedian and YouTuber known for dissecting the culture through his satirical critiques of politics and ideology, with a twang of Aussie humour injected for comic relief.

Isaac’s tango with The Project – whether it be offending Kiwi’s or defying the assumption that “All Men Are EVIL”, added rocket fuel to his already growing brand of no holds barred style of comedy. His YouTube videos are a brilliant source of fair and reasonable analysis, that not many in the media or those in the culture wars are willing to partake in, no matter their political leaning.

Much like other comedians, we’ve interviewed including the likes of Neel Kolhatkar, Josh Wade, Shayne Hunter and Friendlyjordies; Isaac is an important part of what we like to call the “Bullshit Counsel”. A group of individuals with varying political leanings, unique ideas and a strong dose of scepticism to help you break down the noise.

This was a brilliant chat that covered:

  • Biases, left vs. right
  • Marketing to niches, fear and identity
  • Dangerous views
  • Relatable Aussie traits
  • Why “The Buttsmarn”?
  • Anxiety and dealing with epilepsy
  • Tackling the mental health stigma
  • How he started in comedy

Listen to the episode

Watch the episode: 


01:27 – Introduction
04:04 – Melbourne right now
05:19 – Biases, left vs. right
06:27 – The political spectrum has moved
08:02 – Marketing to niches, fear, identity
11:06 – First world problems, feeling a part of something
15:30 – Dangerous views
17:18 – Friendlyjordies
18:34 – Relatable Aussie traits
19:55 – Why “The Buttsmarn”?
22:35 – Earliest memory of his childhood
25:55 – Lessons learnt from his parents
29:33 – Toukley-gate
34:05 – Mental health: anxiety, dealing with epilepsy
48:04 – Dealing with it: medication vs. meditation
55:31 – Tackling the mental health stigma
57:52 – How he started in comedy, his style
01:06:40 – How he would create his “franken-comedian”
01:10:07 – Morning and evening rituals
01:10:41 – Best purchase under $200
01:11:40 – Joe Rogan Experience
01:12:38 – Quotes he lives by