#082: Why sex work is nothing like Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Lola Hunt

By Jordan Michaelides
September 04, 2018

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Lola Hunt ( @misslolahunt ) is a sex worker, entrepreneur and co-founder of Assembly Four.

Assembly Four makes products and services to empower sex workers throughout the world, committing a portion of profits to help those sex workers in need.

Assembly Four rocketed to the forefront of the industry with the launch of Switter as legislation known as FOSTA/SESTA effectively banned sex workers safely engaging clients online. Switter was the beginning of Assembly Four’s modern tech disruption to an industry that globally is worth $186b, and historically is not too tech savvy. The launch of further services in Tryst (for Advertising) & Honey Notes (a CRM), underscores Assembly Four’s commitment to the industry.

Interviewing Lola was the perfect opportunity to discuss intimacy and relationships, with an individual who knows what’s crucial to those two aspects of our life - communication.

Lola’s work is grounded in privacy and the liberty of an individual, a fascinating area of technology where we’ll go into further detail with her co-founder Jack in a future episode. This episode is definitely not suitable for work (NSFW).

A fascinating discussion for anyone, which covered:

  • The portrayal of escorts in the media

  • Sugar daddies and strange requests from clients

  • Dating and tech

  • Who are her clients, and why there are “hobbyists”

  • What men and women do wrong with sex

  • Stigma and how her parents found out

  • The implications of MyHealth Record for Sex Workers

  • What is Assembly Four and how it came about

  • FOSTA/SESTA and Privacy

Enjoy the episode!


01:20 - Introduction

04:52 - The portrayal of sex workers in media

08:10 - Her background & skillset

12:46 - How she got into sex work

15:08 - Sugar daddies & strange requests

23:10 - Dating and tech, Darwin’s sex theory

27:03 - Her archetype and process

30:32 - What she gets from her work

35:29 - Business concepts

38:38 - Clientele, hobbyists

40:32 - What men and women do wrong in sex

45:11 - Balancing work and a relationship

46:15 - Stigma and how her parents found out

51:05 - Her future in the industry

54:13 - Downsides to the industry

59:53 - My Health Record

01:05:06 - Assembly Four, how it came about

01:06:51 - FOSTA/SESTA, Switter

01:10:17 - Tryst & other ideas

01:15:44 - Daily routine

01:16:27 - Best purchase under $200

01:17:22 - Most influential book on her life

01:17:59 - If she could have a billboard anywhere in Australia