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#077: Why marketing is the poetry of capitalism – Anthony “Decryption” Agius

By Jordan Michaelides

Anthony “Decryption” Agius ( @decryption ) is a tech reporter, entrepreneur, founder of multiple media brands including The Sizzle, MacTalk, One More Thing and Reckoner.

He’s contributed to Delimiter, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Macworld Australia, PC and Tech Authority – with Reckoner winning the 2014 Optus IT Journalism award for best independent media.

You may remember Anthony as the guy who hacked a big banks corporate flyer program, scored a bunch of frequent flyer points and some handy PR. What I like about Anthony is that he’s able to reframe the problem and always cuts straight to the point with no fluff or bullshit. This is typified by his quote in our interview that “marketing is the poetry of capitalism”.

The Sizzle is his latest baby; tech news & bargains with an Aussie slant, curated for you every afternoon for just $5 per month – incredibly underpriced in my opinion.

We covered a vast range of topics including:

  • AFL
  • His early interest and tinkering in tech
  • Transitioning from tech to writing
  • MacTalk and Forum Culture
  • Marketing
  • The Sizzle and monetisation
  • His favourite tech sources
  • Writing style and respected writers
  • Dominant skills and industries of the future
  • Politics in tech

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01:12 – Introduction
04:08 – Supporting North Melbourne, AFL
11:18 – Football club management, outreach
14:57 – Early interests in games & tech
22:29 – Tinkering with tech, parents encouragement
26:02 – Early days of computers and the internet
31:03 – How he transitioned from tech to writing
33:31 – LiveJournal back in the day
38:00 – MacTalk, forum culture, incels
50:51 – Conspiracy theories, JFK shooting
54:15 – Marketing is the poetry of capitalism
57:48 – The Sizzle, monetisation, diversifying
01:08:17 – Finger on the pulse: sourcing
01:10:46 – His favourite tech sources
01:13:14 – Writing style, respected writers
01:17:37 – Writing structure, best medium
01:19:22 – Dealing with a speech impediment
01:21:54 – Hacking frequent flyer points
01:31:51 – Renewable energy, self driving cars
01:33:34 – Dominant skills and industries of the future
01:35:00 – The hopelessness of tech in politics
01:40:55 – Daily toolkit of go-to apps
01:42:59 – Morning and evening routines
01:46:00 – Best purchase under $200