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#066: Young, fast and remote with Adam Stone

By Jordan Michaelides

Adam Stone ( @AdamStone ) is an entrepreneur, Founder of Speedlancer and serial globetrotter.

The son of our former guest, Adrian Stone, Adam has been running businesses in the eCommerce and Telecomm space since the early age of twelve. His award as Australia’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation and the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 List, speaks to his constant desire to build both businesses and a lifestyle he enjoys

Speedlancer is currently the world’s fastest freelance marketplace (at least of what I could find through Google). As a regular user of Upwork to support our business infrastructure at Neuralle, I can with absolute assurance that communities of curated professionals like Speedlancer, is almost certainly where the future of work will be.

This was a great episode, unpacking the psyche of a young entrepreneur including topics such as:

  • Starting out as an entrepreneur
  • His father Adrian’s influence
  • The hustle behind the scenes
  • The advantages of freelancers over early hires
  • Distribution & pricing models
  • Speedlancer, it’s growth, customisation & incentives
  • Remote work and decentralised businesses
  • Advice for startups

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00:53 – Introduction
04:10 – Gymnastic rings and why he quit
05:20 – Starting out as an entrepreneur
06:51 – How his entrepreneurial focus evolved
07:21 – His father’s influence on hard work
10:10 – The hustle behind the scenes
12:03 – Freelancers over new hires
13:45 – Lessons learnt from his parents
14:45 – Moving to USA, adapting to change
18:49 – The middle ground
21:04 – Working at McDonalds
25:48 – Distribution, pricing, Speedlancer
33:21 – Speedlancer growth & incentives
38:58 – Speedlancer: Explain Like I’m Five
40:22 – Customisation for clients
42:57 – Recruitment
45:26 – The internal workings of Speedlancer
49:04 – Issues in running a decentralised business
50:43 – Remote work resources and insurance
53:52 – Why build a remote-style business?
55:56 – What confines remote businesses?
59:59 – Judgements of young entrepreneurs
01:01:08 – The biggest waste of time for startups
01:02:37 – Worst advice for startups
01:03:28 – What he would be doing, if not Speedlancer
01:05:19 – Goals and not letting them define you
01:08:33 – Work routed in anxiety
01:10:35 – Daily routine
01:11:44 – If he had to do a TED Talk
01:12:14 – Best purchase under $200
01:12:52 – Most influential book on his life
01:13:33 – Insightful travel experience
01:14:19 – If he could have a billboard anywhere