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#010: How persistence & hard work equals a fulfilling life – Chris Michaelides

By Jordan Michaelides

Chris Michaelides ( LinkedIn ) is my uncle, businessman, and in many ways the head of the wider Michaelides family. The reason for this episode is slightly selfish in that I wanted to gradually capture the memories and knowledge of the older generation within my family. In earlier years, my grandmother (and Chris’ mother), was really the “matriarch” of our family – the glue that bound us all together. Her recent battle with dementia has been a somewhat swift changing of the guard, as her memory has gradually faded. That’s made me realise how important it is to capture the knowledge and memories for the next generation.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge in business and life, and has always shown the value in hard work or grit. As a secondary father figure, I’ve looked up to Chris over the years, and learnt immensely by picking his brain in business and life.

My hope is that you enjoy his knowledge and this conversation as much as I did.

Topics covered include:

  • His new health change through a stricter diet
  • Lessons learnt from his parents
  • Garnering a strong work ethic
  • The attraction to creative industries
  • His core principles & beliefs
  • How he defines success
  • Travelling to Africa on safari
  • The importance of eating dinner as a family
  • Lessons learnt from running different businesses

Listen to the episode


  • Eating plan and weight loss {04:15}
  • Bio and background {07:25}
  • Learning from his parents – garnering a work ethic {09:00}
  • Career background {10:50}
  • The attraction to creative industries {14:40} 
  • Core principles and beliefs {18:20}
  • How he defines success {19:55}
  • Weekly habits or rituals {21:30}
  • Favourite books {23:55}
  • On his travel to Africa {24:50}
  • On his parenting style {29:50}
  • Family rituals {39:35}
  • Lessons learnt from running different businesses {41:50}  
  • What he would teach a class of school-leavers {44:05}
  • The main constant in all businesses he’s had {47:40}
  • If he could go back and change his pathway in business, would he? {48:20}
  • On the intricacies of the fashion industry {50:40}
  • If he did a TED talk, what would it be on? {56:55}
  • Something he has changed his mind on lately {57:45}
  • Best purchase under $200 in the last year {58:50}
  • Five favourite non-musical sounds {59:47}
  • What forms his everyday ‘tool-kit’ {01:02:23}
  • An insight in life that is more obvious to him than to others {01:04:15}
  • Advice to his younger self {01:06:10}
  • If he could have a billboard anywhere, where would it be & what would it say? {01:07:03}
  • Late historical figures he identifies with {01:10:30}
  • Music he’s currently listening to {01:11:25}
  • What would he spend his time on if not in business? {01:13:15}