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#008: The art of versatility; become the “company bike” – Petros Dellidis

By Jordan Michaelides

Petros Dellidis ( @chefpetrosdellidis ) is a man for all seasons in the hospitality world. He’s worked his way from an apprentice at the RACV Club, to a development chef for both Shane Delia & George Calombaris, globe trotted the mediterranean as man of many hats, then made a necessary lifestyle change by going out on his own. He exemplifies what it means to have the growth mindset, to see your life as a system and always be learning.

He’s had an amazing experience sitting behind the scenes of unique chefs along the way. In this episode we covered an immense amount of hospitality knowledge, including:

  • The immigrant work ethic
  • Becoming a development chef
  • Building menus through travel experiences
  • Going out on his own – Adonis Catering
  • The small changes he took for immense weight loss 

Listen to the episode


  • Bio and background {05:10}
  • On the immigrant work ethic {17:50}
  • On working at The Press Club {21:15}
  • On being the ‘company bicycle’ – all the way to the Belvedere Club {29:20}
  • Becoming a development chef {34:50}
  • On finding work in Turkey and Greece, and private cheffing {41:40}
  • The tango between George Calombaris and Shane Delia {47:50}
  • On the one-percenter experiences of fine-dining {51:50}
  • Building menus through travel experiences {53:10}
  • The competitive advantage of George Calombaris {57:30}
  • Accurate representations of hospitality in media {59:20}
  • The dining scene filtered through social media {01:00:50}
  • Going out on his own – Adonis Catering {01:02:58}
  • The health change from working in restaurants to catering {01:11:17}
  • The small changes he took for immense weight loss {01:17:38}
  • Lessons learnt directly or indirectly from family & friends {01:27:20}
  • Core principles in life {01:35:16}
  • Commonalities amongst Shane and George, in light of their success {01:37:45}
  • His opinion on the celebrity factor {01:39:09}
  • On motivational figures in sport {01:40:50}
  • First person that comes to mind when thinking of success {01:53:55}
  • Hospitality mainstays {01:59:07}
  • Morning rituals and exercise routines {01:59:38}
  • If he did a TED talk, what would he do? {02:00:25}
  • A book he would gift someone {02:04:37}
  • Best purchase under $200 recently {02:05:35}
  • If he could have a billboard anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would it say? {02:06:00}
  • Podcasts or playlists he’s listening to {02:07:10}
  • An insight that is obvious to him, but not to others {02:08:25}