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Ok But What If... Will Gibb and Tim Franklin made a Spotify Original Podcast?

April 13, 2022

Jordan Michaelides

With Neuralle as the production team 🤔

Ok But What If? is a Spotify Original Podcast featuring Neuralle Talent superstar Will Gibb and Home And Away alumni Tim Franklin.

Ok But What If? (OKBWI) is Neuralle's first Spotify Original podcast, recorded in Sydney by the wonderful Patrick Clifton, and produced in house here in sunny Melbourne by Jacob Smith.

Will Gibb
Tim Franklin

The concept of OKBWI is a rather simple one - remember those late nights with your closest mates who you would just chat nonsense and come up with ridiculous hypothetical scenarios. But what if those scenarios where accompanied by a lush soundscape? Well that's essentially OKBWI in a nutshell.

Make sure to jump over to Spotify and check out Ok But What If? and lose yourself in a different, wonderful, fantastical world of audio.

Ok But What If you chucked the podcast a listen?

Show Credits:

Hosts - Will Gibb & Tim Franklin

Executive Producer - Jordan Michaelides

Producer & Sound Engineer - Jacob Smith

Producer & Recording Engineer - Patrick Clifton

Original Music - Oliver Dibly