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Neel Kolhatkar - What the future holds

Jordan Michaelides

Neel Kolhatkar ( @Neel.Kolhatkar94 ) is a comedian, content creator, presenter and actor with a powerful audience built from his humble beginnings on his YouTube channel, that now has over 57M views. Well-known for satirical clips such as “Australia in 2 Minutes”, and “Modern Educayshun”, Neel has now expanded into network TV series Virgin Bush (ABC), StreetSmart (Channel 10), as well as creating new characters like “Charles D” which he features regularly, now on a dedicated Instagram account.

Neel is an incredibly intelligent comedy creator with an innate ability to pare back culture and society across a whole slew of different mediums. He’s the first to admit that virality was what catapulted him into the ether of Australia’s young comedy class, but I believe his incredible knowledge of science, society, new media, and politics is what sets him apart. Society is a whole lot better for people like him because it allows us to not take life so seriously.

Always a brilliant chat with Neel where we covered:

  • Comparing the NRL and AFL
  • His obsession with space
  • Roles on TV, latest projects and future
  • His experience on The Rubin Report
  • Politics in Australia
  • Australian comedy
  • Finding middle ground

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01:15 - Introduction
04:33 - Rugby, The Dragons
12:25 - NRL vs AFL
16:06 - The impact of the AFL and NRL in Australia
26:37 - Earliest memory, background, childhood
30:02 - Acting and how he got into it
30:50 - Lessons learnt from his parents
32:16 - Working while studying
36:57 - Obsession with space
45:13 - Modes of interstellar travel
49:10 - His roles on TV, latest projects and future
58:25 - His own productions
01:01:30 - His experience on The Rubin Report, Dave Rubin
01:04:13 - Politics in Australia
01:14:33 - Same old bullshit
01:17:05 - Australian comedy, Melbourne Comedy Fest
01:22:06 - Most influential book
01:22:18 - Finding middle ground
01:22:50 - Standout film or TV series
01:24:38 - Quotes he lives by