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Ever since I was a young teen I realised that my competency was almost certainly in asking questions. Speak to either of my parents, teachers, mentors, bosses and partners - then you'll understand how incessant I can really be. 

Why? I don't know really, perhaps it was the A-type personality that I carried from my parents, ensuring that I always HAD to know the answer.

Doing the podcast has helped me put this skill to the test, to identify what makes superhumans & freaks alike exist. In a way, it's almost been a form of therapy for my manic mind.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

- Jordan Michaelides

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020: How to bioDefine your life - Paul Creasey

019: Creating stories with the Cool Wine Guy - Jordy Kay

018: Delving into tech, investments & Amazon with Matt Allen

017: How Time Plays A Part in Creativity & Music - Chevy Long from Indian Summer

016: Breaking Good: How Psychedelics Can Be Used For Psychotherapy - Dr Stephen Bright

015: Opening the Jar on Bitcoin - Asher Tan

014: Why you should be persistent - Scott Handsaker

013: Why ethics & morality are important - Felicity Mashuro

012: How to create & inspire a business community - Nathan Sampimon

011: How the Man with a Van Built a Unique Brand - Tim Bishop

010: How persistence & hard work equals a fulfilling life - Chris Michaelides

009: Playing with Woodfire - Charlie Carrington

008: The Art of Versatility; become the 'Company Bike" - Petros Dellidis

007: Why evolutionary principles improve your health - Anthony Ross

006: How to make the startup game palatable? Just add whisky - Ren Butler

005: How to Build the Business of "You" - Michael Jayaranjan

004: A Poetic Balance - Tenda McFly

003: A Life of Humble Hospitality - Angie Giannakodakis

002: The Not So Small Time VC - Adrian Stone

001: The Pursuit of Improvement - Eugene Teo

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We'd like to give a special shout-out and thanks to S.F.T for letting us use their song 'Birds Are Away' for our theme song. 

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